Felon Arrested For Allegedly Taking A Gun After The Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting Was Only Trying To Assist Friend Insists

Aiexpress – In the aftermath of the tragic Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting, a third person was arrested. According to reports, this individual allegedly picked up a gun that was dropped by one of the suspects. However, the family and friends of the person arrested claim that he was only trying to help in the chaotic situation.

After the gunfire broke out, Jose Castillo, who was celebrating the team’s victory at the iconic Union Station, reportedly discovered a Glock 22 on the ground as he made his way back from the restroom.

According to KCTV, a witness reported that one of the shooting suspects dropped it.

Shortly after, the police instructed Castillo, who is 36 years old, to lie down on the ground.


After discarding the gun, he was apprehended and faced charges for unlawfully possessing a weapon.

He threw the gun away, but was then caught and charged with having a gun without a permit.

Reports say that police noticed that he smelled like booze, spoke slowly, and had bloodshot eyes.

Following the shooting incident that resulted in the death of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two, and left 22 others injured, law enforcement authorities have arrested two juveniles in connection with the incident.

According to the police, there was a dispute that led to the outbreak of gunfire.

“I don’t think we were anywhere near the altercation, he was just simply trying to walk out as everyone else. He stumbled upon that and picked it up,” a friend who was with Castillo at the parade told Fox 4 Kansas City.

The friend insisted that he was simply trying to assist.

Castillo has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and is currently in custody, according to county records.

The bail amount set for his release is $25,000.

The authorities conducted a gunshot residue test on Castillo’s hands, as reported by Fox 4. However, the results of the test have not been disclosed by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

In Kansas, Castillo, who resides in Wichita, has a prior conviction for felony marijuana.

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