Warm Spring-like Weather Expected To Develop In The South Central States This Week

Aiexpress – By the middle of the week, the jet stream will bring a significant increase in temperatures from Texas to the central Plains. We can expect highs to rise by 30-40 degrees compared to the beginning of the weekend.

Temperatures are set to increase this week in the southern Plains, according to meteorologists at AccuWeather. The jet stream is expected to shift northward in the central part of the country, resulting in above-average warmth for states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Feeling like spring

Temperatures are expected to rise significantly throughout the week, with daytime highs reaching the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit. This is a stark contrast to the cooler temperatures in the 30s and 40s that were experienced at the beginning of the weekend. These rising temperatures are well above the average for this time of year, with a difference of 10 to 20 degrees higher than the typical values for mid-February.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex DaSilva, temperatures in the south-central U.S. are expected to increase by 30-45 degrees Fahrenheit from the beginning of the weekend to midweek.

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Dallas experienced unseasonably cool temperatures on Saturday, Feb. 17, with a high of only 45 degrees, significantly lower than the historical average of 62 degrees for this date. Similarly, residents in Oklahoma City had to endure freezing temperatures throughout the weekend. However, relief is in sight as both locations are expected to warm up significantly in the coming days, with temperatures reaching the pleasant range of middle 70s to lower 80s by Wednesday.

The Central region will continue to experience warm spring-like temperatures for the first half of this week. A high-pressure system will bring calm and mild conditions to the southern Plains, creating perfect weather for outdoor activities.

According to DaSilva, the high pressure system currently positioned over Texas will gradually move eastward towards the Gulf Coast by midweek. As a result, a southerly flow will develop in the area, leading to warmer weather conditions.

On Wednesday, some long-standing records in Texas dating back almost 30 years could be at risk, including Lubbock and Midland. The forecast predicts that both cities will have daytime temperatures only a few degrees away from the previous daily record.

How long will the warmth last?

The warmth that has been dominating the South Central states is expected to recede gradually during the latter half of the week. This is because the pronounced northward bulge in the jet stream will level out, causing temperatures to trend back down. Many locations can expect a decrease of 10-15 degrees from the midweek values.

The warm weather will linger in parts of southern Texas, including areas like Houston and Brownsville, for a bit longer than in northern Texas and Oklahoma. Temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s will continue through the end of the week in these locations.

Another zone of high pressure is expected to anchor over the Central states over the weekend, potentially resulting in a slight increase in temperatures. However, this increase is projected to be minimal, with highs only expected to rise by a few degrees.

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