Fentanyl Claims the Title of Deadliest Drug in LA County, Responsible for Over Half of All Fatal Overdoses

According to a report from Los Angeles County, Fentanyl has now surpassed methamphetamine as the deadliest street drug in terms of associated deaths.

According to the county report, Fentanyl was responsible for 59% of all overdose deaths involving drugs or alcohol in 2022.

The drug’s rapid rise to deadliness was astonishing. Over just a few years, the number of accidental fentanyl overdose deaths soared by an incredible 1,652%, increasing from 109 in 2016 to 1,910 in 2022.

Men and adults aged 26-39 years have a higher mortality rate, according to the report. It also provides insights into the racial and ethnic disparities in fentanyl-related deaths. Although the white population had the highest number of total deaths, Black residents had the highest per capita rate, with 49.5 deaths per 100,000 population.

For further information, you can find  LA County fentanyl report here.


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