Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, 49, Claims That Secretary Mayorkas Will Face Impeachment

Aiexpress – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) recently announced her intention to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a House Oversight Committee hearing. She claims that Mayorkas has committed failures and purposeful breaches of U.S. federal laws concerning border security.

In a passionate plea, Greene stressed the immediate need to tackle the issue at hand with a sense of urgency. She voiced her concerns, stating, “Every single day, we are losing American lives, and yet all I hear from Democrats when discussing the border is their focus on migrant rights.”

In a devastating incident, Representative Georgia congresswoman shared the tragic story of Jose and Isabelle Lerma, two of her constituents. They lost their lives in a harrowing pursuit orchestrated by a 17-year-old illegal alien allegedly working for cartels.

Greene took aim at Democrats, accusing them of having misplaced priorities. According to her, they claim to be concerned about children and women, but the numbers tell a different story.

She expressed her frustration regarding the use of taxpayer funds for migrant travel and raised concerns about the administration’s approach to handling children, highlighting the reported loss of nearly 100,000 children.


Greene praised Former President Trump’s immigration policies, stating that they effectively curbed illegal immigration and ultimately saved lives.

The Georgia Republican highlighted the effectiveness of the border wall in deterring vulnerable individuals, particularly families and children, from attempting to cross.

To wrap things up, Greene made a strong assertion, stating, “Secretary Mayorkas will be facing impeachment as he has violated the very laws that were established by Joe Biden himself.”

The congresswoman emphasized the need for a more robust deportation system in the future to guarantee the safety of the American people.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s call for the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas highlights the seriousness of the ongoing border crisis and the potential impact it could have on the American people.

The comprehensive examination of immigration policies is demanded by the intensifying debate, loss of American lives, strain on resources, and alleged violation of federal laws.

The current scenario not only endangers national security but also emphasizes the importance of adopting a balanced approach that addresses both humanitarian concerns and the welfare of American citizens.

The safety, economic stability, and overall security of the nation could be significantly influenced by the outcome of this debate and the potential actions taken in response to the border crisis. This makes it a matter of great importance for both policymakers and the public alike.

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