Group of friends celebrating 21st birthday in Texas robbed at Oakland gas station

Texas mom offers $10K reward when son is robbed at gas station near OAK airport

A Texas mother is putting up a reward of $10,000 in hopes of obtaining any information that could lead to the capture of a gang of armed robbers who targeted her son and his friends close to the Oakland airport.

A man from Texas, who was celebrating his 21st birthday in the Bay Area, fell victim to a robbery at an East Oakland gas station just before his flight back home.

On Monday afternoon, an incident took place at the 76 gas station located near Oakland International Airport, specifically at Hegenberger and Edgewater.

The surveillance footage captures the arrival of an Infiniti G35.

Friends from Texas, including Obevoen and Maxey Scherr’s son, are inside the SUV. As for the Infiniti, other individuals step out.


The thieves quickly drove away with their stolen possessions.

After contacting Oakland police, the victims decided not to stay at the gas station. Instead, they made their way to the San Leandro Police Department, where they were then instructed to reach out to Oakland police for further assistance.

Little did they know that numerous individuals had experienced similar unfortunate incidents during their stay at accommodations near the airport.

Scherr expressed his surprise at the appearance of the neighborhood, stating that at first glance, it seemed like a well-maintained gas station in a decent area. However, upon further investigation, they discovered that it was actually a bad neighborhood.

“People shouldn’t have to live like this, constantly looking over their shoulders just to get gas,” Obevoen expressed.

Attorney Scherr is currently offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the identification of the individuals responsible.

“We’re filled with anger and fury over the occurrence,” expressed Scherr. “Our child and his friends were affected, and it seems like nobody is showing any concern.”

Oakland City Councilmember Treva Reid, who represents the area, where car burglaries and business closures have become a persistent issue, has confirmed that one arrest has been made.

Reid expressed her deep sorrow as a mother upon learning about the hardships her son had endured. She emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and security of everyone in the community, whether they are residents, visitors, employees, or business owners. Reid assured that every possible measure is being taken to enhance the wellbeing and protection that they rightfully deserve.

Obevoen had a message for the robbers.

Obevoen expressed disappointment, stating that there is so much potential for individuals to achieve greater things in life and contribute positively, rather than engaging in such negative experiences. Obevoen also emphasized the need for individuals to represent their city in a more respectable manner.

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