Identity of suspect in deadly Arkansas police chase revealed

The suspect responsible for a fatal pursuit from officers on Tuesday has been identified by Arkansas State Police.

Police state that troopers were helping a drug task force in West Memphis when Paige, who had multiple felony warrants, drove away from the officers.

According to law enforcement officials, the trooper was getting ready to execute a Tactical Vehicle Intervention (TVI) when the suspect abruptly hit the brakes, causing a collision. The suspect was driving at an alarming speed of 140 miles per hour at the time of the incident.

The trooper sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision.

“Fleeing from the police is a selfish act that endangers innocent motorists and carries severe consequences,” emphasized ASP Col. Mike Hagar. “At the Arkansas State Police, the safety of innocent civilians is our top priority. Evading law enforcement is not only hazardous but also a felony in our state.”


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