A family is suing after a man was discovered dead and alone outside a nursing home in the Kansas City area

*Editor’s Note: Please be advised that some details in this story may be disturbing to readers. Exercise discretion.**

Bradford Williams passed away on a scorching August day, left alone and seemingly forgotten in Liberty, Missouri.

During the state investigation, it was discovered that he was found on the ground next to his wheelchair, with visible scratches, bruises, and insects crawling over him.

Now, his family has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit against Liberty Health and Wellness, the nursing home responsible for his care, in search of answers.

According to the family’s attorney, Paeten Denning, in a wrongful death lawsuit, it was claimed that Williams, who had impaired vision and partial paralysis on his right side, was upset on that August morning in 2022. He wheeled himself to the front desk and demanded a refund while expressing his desire to leave.


A witness interviewed by state investigators revealed that instead of releasing Williams through the front door, a staff member guided him to the nursing home’s inner courtyard.

Denning said that the funeral home director was deeply concerned about the state of Williams’ body, prompting him to notify the family.

“You can just imagine the kind of reaction you would have if that were your own family member.”

The nursing home has denied all responsibility in response to the lawsuit.

Chrisco, a former employee at Liberty Health and Wellness, expressed her dissatisfaction with the staffing situation, describing it as “terrible, absolutely terrible.”

“They are overworked and exhausted because they have to cover multiple halls,” she explained. “Our nurses genuinely want to provide proper care, but the workload is overwhelming.”

According to Chrisco, employees are also at risk, not just patients.

Marie has enlisted the services of attorney Antonette Dupree and intends to file a lawsuit against Liberty Health and Wellness. She alleges that she sustained an injury while working and was shocked to discover that the nursing home does not provide workers’ compensation, which is mandated by Missouri law.

In November, Chrisco decided to leave their position at the nursing home.

Liberty Health and Wellness has been under the scrutiny of federal and state investigators before. During its most recent inspection in May, the facility was found to have 28 violations. This is significantly higher than the average number of violations found in a typical nursing home.

In the extensive 138-page report, numerous issues were highlighted by federal inspectors. One particularly distressing discovery involved a resident who was found with dried blood in their hair and wearing heavily soiled clothes.

Residents reported to investigators that they had gone without showers for as long as eight weeks. It was also confirmed by Chrisco that medicine was not being regularly delivered.

“I reached out to the medical director, expressing the urgency of our situation. I explained that despite my best efforts, the patients were not receiving the necessary medication,” she recounted.

Residents have reportedly lodged complaints about food carts being left in hallways, which requires them to collect their own meals and water. Those who are unable to do so have to depend on other residents for assistance.

They were well aware that requesting additional staff would be a futile endeavor.

Chrisco expressed frustration with the slow response times to residents’ call lights. He mentioned that there would often be hours of delay before their calls were answered.

Liberty Health and Wellness finds itself in a precarious situation as it has earned a spot on the “Special Focus Facilities” list. This list is composed of nursing homes that are at risk of losing federal funding if they do not improve their performance. It is worth noting that some facilities have a history of moving on and off this list periodically.

Chrisco claims that despite regulators increasing oversight, issues continue to persist at the facility.

“It feels like changes are being made, only to be undone,” Chrisco shared. “It’s like riding a roller coaster of uncertainty.”

So, who runs Liberty Health and Wellness?

Sam Goldner, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, was managing the nursing home at the time of William’s passing. Known for his expertise in managing healthcare facilities, Goldner and his company, Goldner Capital Management, were responsible for overseeing the operations of the nursing home. This isn’t the first time Goldner has come across the radar of FOX4 Problem Solvers, showcasing his involvement in various healthcare-related ventures.

In a previous incident, a nurse at a different nursing home operated by Goldner reached out to Problem Solvers for help. She had discovered that her life insurance policy had been terminated due to nonpayment, despite the fact that the premiums were being deducted from her paycheck.

The ownership of Meadow View of Harrisonville, a nursing home, no longer includes Goldner as an owner/operator.

Attorney Antonette Dupree wasn’t surprised when she learned that Goldner, who owned 15 nursing homes in Missouri last year, ranked as the second-largest owner in the state.

According to Dupree, the owner of this company is rapidly acquiring assisted living facilities across the country. Dupree mentioned that during a pitch to potential investors in Ohio, Goldner explained how the company generates profits.

Dupree accused him of intending to operate his facilities in Missouri in the same manner he planned to cut benefits for his staff, reduce staffing levels, and decrease the dietary needs of the patients.

“He expressed his thoughts in written form, and now we can witness his words being transformed into actions and the way he manages these establishments. It is crucial to recognize the potential risks involved.”

Over the past three years, Goldner-operated nursing homes in Missouri have faced at least four wrongful death lawsuits.

In addition to the Williams case, Royal Oak Nursing and Rehab in St. Louis, Abbey Woods in St. Joseph, and Redwood of South Kansas City also faced wrongful death lawsuits.

Two out of the four lawsuits were resolved through settlements, while the remaining two are still awaiting a resolution. In one of the settled cases, Goldner was dismissed as a defendant as he could not be located in his home state of New York for the purpose of serving him with court documents.

FOX4 Problem Solvers attempted to contact Goldner by calling the only phone number we could find listed, but unfortunately, we did not receive a call back. In addition, we reached out to a St. Louis attorney who is representing Goldner on another issue, asking him to inform his client of our desire to speak with him.

Goldner has remained silent, leaving us without any word from him.

During our visit to Liberty Health and Wellness, we had the opportunity to meet with Amy Bax, the administrator of the facility. When asked about Williams’ death, the numerous violations the nursing home was facing, and the allegation regarding the absence of workers’ compensation coverage for its employees, Bax declined to comment.

According to her, the nursing home is no longer associated with Sam Goldner or Goldner Capital Management. However, she did not disclose the identity of the new owner. Federal records indicate that Vertical Health Services, located in Puyallup, Washington, is the new owner.

According to CEO William Miller, the company has taken control of operations at the Liberty nursing home and has been working to make improvements since last summer. As a result of these efforts, the number of violations at the facility has decreased from 27 to 17. However, despite these improvements, the nursing home is still designated as a troubled facility in state and federal databases.

According to Williams, Sam Goldner has ceased operating any nursing homes in Missouri this year. This development has brought a glimmer of hope to Chrisco, as it implies that there will be no further harm to patients or staff under Goldner’s leadership.

“It’s absolutely devastating when you return home,” she expressed. “Tears flow every single day.”

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