Severe Rainfall and Storms Approaching Both US Coasts, High Impact Expected

Californians and New Yorkers should get ready for heavy rain and storms as meteorologists are monitoring multiple storm systems that are expected to hit both the East and West Coast in the coming days.

The East Coast is bracing for an impending storm that is set to unleash its fury today, leaving New York City on high alert.

New Yorkers are being urged to prepare for potential flooding starting Sunday, as New York Governor Kathy Hochul issued a storm warning. In a release posted online, Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of being ready for the potential impact of the storm.

“We are closely monitoring a weather system that is bringing strong winds and rain to various parts of the State, which could potentially lead to flooding and power outages for New Yorkers,” stated Hochul. She has instructed state agencies to keep a close watch on the weather system as it continues to develop. Hochul urges all New Yorkers to prioritize their safety by taking necessary precautions and staying updated with the forecast over the weekend and into the beginning of next week.”

In the event of an emergency, the state is also making preparations to distribute generators, heaters, sleeping materials, and water.


According to updates shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), the National Weather Service predicts that various areas in New York State, including Albany and the Binghamton area, may experience up to three inches of rainfall.

On Saturday, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City issued a travel advisory, urging residents to take precautions due to the weather conditions. He advised people to secure any loose items outdoors and to stay updated on the forecast.

Adams emphasized the importance of taking extra precautions for people residing in low-lying and poor drainage areas. In order to prevent rainwater from flooding basements and streets, he advised clearing catch basins. Adams highlighted the significance of staying informed as the best way to ensure personal safety.

Meteorological forecasts predict that there will be heavy rain in certain parts of California later in the week.

According to Fox Weather, the West Coast is bracing for two upcoming storms. The first storm is predicted to arrive on Sunday.

According to a tweet from the National Weather Service, most parts of the Los Angeles area and its surroundings will only receive up to an inch of rain. However, the second storm system expected to arrive on Tuesday night brings about “much more uncertainty,” as stated by the NWS.

According to Fox Weather, Southern California is set to experience heavy rainfall later this week as a result of the second storm. Several inches of rain are expected in the area starting from Thursday.

According to the NWS, the weather forecast for the upcoming days can be described as a “tale of two storms.” The rainfall predictions for the second storm in California are uncertain at the moment.

According to climatologist Daniel Swain, who has been monitoring the weather, the storms are expected to cover almost the entire state of California and are likely to persist for a minimum of two weeks.

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