Joe Biden Wins Kansas Democratic Primary

According to Decision Desk HQ, President Biden is projected to emerge as the victor in the Kansas Democratic presidential primary.

Kansas, also known as the Sunflower State, provides a total of 33 pledged delegates to the victor. These delegates are divided into two categories: 11 delegates are allocated based on the overall statewide outcome, while the remaining 22 are assigned according to the results of the state’s four congressional districts.

The remaining six are unpledged and will be allocated at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Voters had the option to choose “none of the names shown” on the ballot if they did not want to vote for Biden or any of his minor challengers. Certain Democrats have been urging people to vote “none of the above” or “uncommitted” in states where it is permitted, as a means of expressing their discontent with the way the Biden administration has been handling the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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