Kansas City DJ and party promoter Captain Vonzell killed in homicide

Friends of Vonzell Bryant are emphasizing that he is not just the first Kansas City homicide of 2024.

Bryant was a well-known figure in the community, recognized for his dual roles as a DJ and the owner of a candy shop on Prospect Avenue. Among his various endeavors, he gained significant popularity by organizing parties for the local youth, using the alias Captain Vonzell.

Pat Clark, a community activist and one of Vonzell’s close friends, recognized his significant role as an inspiration within the community.

“He united us through his music and his era,” Clark expressed. “His actions created a sense of togetherness among everyone.”

Clark was a familiar face in the community, known for his radio commercials promoting parties and his role as the owner of a candy shop on Prospect Avenue.


Shawn Copeland, a thriving dance party promoter, attributes his success to the valuable lessons he gained from Vonzell’s parties. In fact, Copeland openly confesses that during his childhood, he would sneak out of his grandmother’s house just to attend one of Vonzell’s unforgettable parties.

Copeland expressed his admiration for the individual, stating, “I’m not here to criticize, but he has truly achieved something remarkable by organizing such a grand social dance party. As a young person, I used to watch him in awe, and his influence on me is undeniable. The last time I saw him, I even gave him some passes to an event that I’m hosting. He had always expressed a desire to collaborate with me, and I’m glad that I could make that happen.”

Vonzell Bryant’s younger sister, Hortense “Hardy” Bryant, expressed her belief that someone out there possesses crucial information regarding the case. She hopes that this individual will courageously step forward and share the information with the authorities at the police department.

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