Majority of Alabama voters strongly disapprove of illegal vapes from China, according to poll

A recent poll, shared exclusively with Yellowhammer News, reveals a widespread determination to take action against the distribution of illegal vaping products in Alabama.

According to a survey conducted by Cygnal, 56% of likely voters in Alabama support the implementation of a law to establish a Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) directory. The purpose of this directory would be to ensure that manufacturers of vapor products verify their status, thereby strengthening enforcement measures against illegal disposable vapes.

According to the survey, a majority of likely voters (55%) are unaware that illegal disposable vape products, which mainly originate from China, are still accessible in the United States due to inadequate enforcement.

A majority of Alabama voters, 66%, hold an unfavorable opinion of China in general, with regards to its communist regime. Similarly, 51% of voters also hold an unfavorable view towards vape shops.

State Representative Barbara Drummond, from Mobile, proposed a bill during the previous session that aimed to mandate the Alabama Department of Revenue to establish and manage a comprehensive directory of businesses selling and producing vape cartridges, e-liquids, and other alternative nicotine products within the state of Alabama.


Drummond’s bill not only aims to establish a directory but also seeks to prohibit vape manufacturers and retailers from utilizing advertising strategies that target young individuals, such as featuring characters from comic books in their campaigns.

According to the survey, it was revealed that illegal vaping is not the only concern among Alabamians. The poll shows that 53% of respondents believe that overall crime has been on the rise in their vicinity over the past few years.

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