Massive emergence of cicadas to come upon Illinois and Indiana this spring

In just a matter of months, the Chicago area will experience an extraordinary event – the arrival of millions, possibly even billions, of boisterous cicadas. This double emergence is a remarkable phenomenon that hasn’t occurred in over two centuries.

This spring marks a unique occurrence as two distinct broods of cicadas will simultaneously emerge, a phenomenon that has not been observed since 1803. One group emerges from their underground burrows every 13 years, while the other group emerges every 17 years.

In late April, as the ground warms up in Illinois and Indiana, both broods of cicadas are expected to emerge. However, in several other states, only one of the two broods will be seen. Experts predict that over a trillion cicadas will emerge across the country.

According to Catherine Dana, a cicada expert at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, it will be difficult to avoid cicadas no matter where you are in Illinois.

During cicada season, the males make a distinct noise by producing loud buzzing sounds. According to Orkin pest control company, these sounds are mainly used to attract mates.


Cicadas are set to make their spring appearance in Illinois, with a particularly heavy emergence expected in areas where older stands of trees can be found.

According to Dana, if you want to determine whether you will be in a highly populated area, the best approach is to refer to the online maps available.

The University of Connecticut has an online map showcasing the areas where the cicada broods emerge. Additionally, the Cicada Safari app enables users to document their sightings of cicadas and explore locations where others have witnessed these fascinating insects.

Aside from the noise, cicadas have notable effects on the environment. One of these is soil aeration, which occurs when the insects emerge from the ground and burrow their way out. Additionally, cicadas may cause slight damage to plants as they feed.

According to Dana, mosquitoes have a straw-like proboscis, which they use to drink plant juices. She mentioned that they do not cause significant damage to the plants themselves.

Once the cicadas emerge, it is important to cover your young fruit trees with netting if you plan on planting them this year.

Dana mentioned that once the cicadas pass away and start decomposing, they will serve as fertilizer, providing nutrients to trees and plants.

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