Megan’s Law offender detained for theft at Atlantic City Bus Terminal

A former resident of Port Republic has been ordered to be held in jail for allegedly stealing over $4,000 from NJ Transit while trespassing at the Atlantic City Bus Terminal.

According to the charges, Rudi Kindervater, 48, is accused of stealing a blue courier bag that contained receipts and $4,161.60. He allegedly took the bag after being instructed to leave the terminal last Wednesday.

The complaint states that only ticketed passengers are permitted inside the terminal after midnight.

According to the affidavit, Kindervater was discovered in possession of identification and credit cards that belonged to three other individuals.

According to defense attorney Hunter Hurst, Kindervater, who was recently released from jail in November, has been experiencing homelessness.


“He has expressed his strong desire to make a positive contribution to society,” she said, noticing tears welling up in Kindervater’s eyes. “He longs to reunite with his family and receive the necessary support to rebuild his life outside.”

According to Hurst, her client was at the terminal because he wanted to go home. However, his own identification had expired, so he had to use the identification of people who were assisting him in seeking help.

The public safety assessment, which aids in assessing whether a defendant should be detained under bail reform, suggested no release due to a notable criminal record.

When Hurst was arrested, he had pending charges, including third-degree aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

He has also been involved in Pennsylvania’s history.

According to records from the state Department of Corrections, he was released from state prison on February 5, 2015.

Kindervater does not appear on the public registry.

According to his attorney, he is dealing with some “significant medical issues,” which include dislodged metal screws in his neck due to his stay in the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

Hurst said that the correction of his condition would require surgery, which has been causing him a significant amount of pain.

Judge Dorothy Garrabrant of the Superior Court determined that none of the conditions presented could ensure that Kindervater would not pose a safety risk or comply with court appearances. As a result, she ordered him to be held in custody.

He is still in custody.

A Megan’s Law offender has been ordered to be held in connection with a theft at the Atlantic City Bus Terminal, according to BreakingAC .

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