Michigan County Official Busted For Shoplifting By Walmart Self-scanning Cameras

Aiexpress – A Michigan county official is currently facing a misdemeanor charge of retail fraud after a surveillance camera captured her allegedly shoplifting.

Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners Chair Tami Rey was captured on camera shopping at a Walmart in Portage while scanning items at a self-checkout. According to MLive.com, Rey mentioned that she was there for Christmas shopping on December 21.

In the video, both women were seen scanning items for a brief period of time before leaving the store. However, their actions didn’t go unnoticed as Walmart security intercepted them and brought them back inside the store.

According to reports, Walmart security called the police and accused both women of failing to scan at least one item in their cart.

According to a report by local news station WMMT, Rey, a Democrat who was appointed in March 2022, is set to be arraigned on January 30th.

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