Mother in Indianapolis faces charges after her 3-year-old child develops frostbite on foot

A heartbreaking case has emerged in Indianapolis, where a young child’s life hangs in the balance due to the negligence of his own mother. Tragically, the 3-year-old boy may have to face the devastating reality of losing most of his lower leg after being subjected to a home without proper heating. The severity of the situation became evident when his foot turned black due to frostbite. Such a distressing incident highlights the urgent need for responsible parenting and ensuring the well-being of our vulnerable children.

Amber Griffith, a 28-year-old woman, has been taken into custody and is facing charges of neglecting a dependent, which led to serious bodily harm. This offense is classified as a Level 3 felony.

Police initiated an investigation into the case following the hospitalization of Griffith’s son on January 19. The child had developed frostbite, resulting in his foot turning black.

Upon speaking with Griffith, the police discovered that she resided at a residence on E. Gimber Street with two of her relatives. Unfortunately, the house was devoid of both heat and running water as a result of frozen pipes, according to the authorities.

According to court documents, Griffith mentioned that her son’s foot had a slight discoloration for several weeks prior to the hospital visit. However, she decided to take him to the hospital only when she started experiencing pain in her own foot.


The days leading up to the hospital visit were characterized by single-digit temperatures.

IMPD Officer William Young expressed his concern over the disturbing case that the child abuse detectives are currently investigating.

The victim’s aunt and grandmother, who also resided in the house, claimed that they did not observe any indications of frostbite prior to their trip to the hospital.

The grandmother only realized that the boy’s foot had turned black due to frostbite when she tried to put shoes on him on January 19th, in order to take his mother to the hospital for her foot pain. She did mention that she had noticed the boy’s legs appearing “dry and red” for a few days before noticing the black color of his foot, as mentioned in the documents.

Young emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation and stressed the importance of speaking up. She highlighted the fact that children often cannot advocate for themselves, making it crucial for others to step in and voice their concerns.

Sarah Cline emphasized the collective responsibility to safeguard children and families.

Sarah Cline, from the Villages, which is responsible for overseeing Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, emphasizes the importance of reporting any signs of abuse or neglect to the state’s hotline. If you witness any warning signs, please remember to contact the state hotline at 1-800-800-5556.

Cline emphasized the preventable nature of child abuse, stating that everyone has a role to play in its prevention.

During the investigation, Griffith added an unexpected twist when she was interviewed by the police. She proceeded to make a series of bizarre and outlandish claims.

Griffith informed the police during the investigation of the alleged neglect that she had given birth to multiple children without providing any names or social security numbers, according to court records.

The woman went as far as to assert that she personally buried the baby.

According to reports, Griffith admitted to the police that she used heroin, meth, and also smoked marijuana. The grandmother, who resided in the Gimber Street residence, confessed to being the child’s main caregiver because she was worried about Griffith’s hallucinations and paranoia.

The grandmother informed the police that in addition to using drugs, Griffith has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and severe depression. However, she has been unwilling to seek help or undergo any form of treatment for her conditions.

Documents have revealed that Griffith had two other children taken away from her custody in 2015. It was discovered that these children were living in a home with deplorable conditions, lacking essential amenities like power, heat, and running water. Despite the unusual nature of her claims, this prior incident raises concerns about Griffith’s ability to provide a safe and suitable environment for her children.

Young emphasized the agency’s commitment to thoroughly investigating all allegations, stating, “We take every claim seriously and conduct thorough investigations.”

The suspect appeared in court for her initial hearing this week and is currently being held on a $40,000 bond while awaiting trial.

Griffith could potentially face a prison sentence ranging from three to 16 years if convicted, as it is considered a Level 3 felony.

The police currently have no information about the outcome of the child’s surgery.

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