NFL Star Brothers Team Up to Raise Funds for Buffalo, New York

Okay, that’s it… we’re officially adopting this guy into the Bills Mafia.

Numerous singers, movie stars, former NFL greats, current NFL players, newscasters, famous sportscasters, and other celebrities have experienced the exhilarating energy of a Buffalo Bills game by attending and tailgating with the Bills Mafia.

Over the years, numerous celebrities have embraced their love for the Buffalo Bills. While not all of them grew up in Western New York, they have adopted the values of being a good neighbor.

It is evident that Jason Kelce, a football center for the Philadelphia Eagles, made it known that he attended the final home game of the Buffalo Bills’ season. While it is possible that he attended to show support for his brother Travis Kelce, who is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Jason took his involvement to another level by fully immersing himself in the Bills Mafia experience.

The guy’s bold move of taking a shot out of a bowling ball at Hammers Lot is a clear indication that he deserves to be in.


Then, he took it to the next level. Jason Kelce was fully committed, even during the game, when he ripped off his shirt, holding a LaBatt can, and leaped out of the suite to join the Bills fans.

Jason Kelce has an exciting announcement for the Buffalo community. During an episode of his podcast, “New Heights,” with his brother Travis Kelce, he revealed that he is partnering with the Funko Pop team to create a t-shirt inspired by his iconic shirtless image. The purpose of this collaboration is to raise funds for the Patricia Allen Fund at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

The Patricia Allen Fund was established to commemorate the memory of Josh Allen’s grandmother following her passing in 2020. This heartfelt gesture serves as a significant motivation for Josh Allen to consistently demonstrate his unwavering support for the hospital whenever the opportunity arises.

In 2020, the Bills Mafia successfully raised more than $1 million in donations, which is truly remarkable.

I am certain that this Funko Pop t-shirt will once again contribute to raising funds for Oishei. Jason, thank you for your love for Buffalo. We truly appreciate you, and the feeling is mutual!

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