Nikki Haley Finally Hits Trump Straight In The Putin

Aiexpress – After the death of Alexei Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition leader who was imprisoned, Nikki Haley, a voice in the Republican wilderness, is showing moral clarity. She is condemning both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for their support and leniency towards this authoritarian leader.

In response to Navalny’s death, Haley took to Twitter to express her opinion, stating that Putin was responsible for the tragedy. She further pointed out the irony that Trump, who has praised and defended Putin, had previously dismissed allegations of Putin’s involvement in killings. She quoted Trump’s statement, “In all fairness to Putin, you’re saying he killed people. I haven’t seen that.”

In addition, she expressed her concern by stating, “Putin has been responsible for the assassination of his political adversary, and surprisingly, Trump has remained silent despite his previous statement where he indicated his support for Putin’s incursion into our allies’ territories.” This remark alludes to Trump’s recent remarks inviting Russia to take action against NATO allies who have not fulfilled their financial obligations.

Nikki Haley should be credited for her candidness in acknowledging Donald Trump’s fondness for Vladimir Putin and Russia. It is important to note that Haley only touched upon this topic briefly, leaving out Trump’s assertion that the United States is also engaged in acts of killing. Nevertheless, her willingness to speak the truth is commendable.

Haley’s newfound outspokenness has become quite a trend, especially after her loss in New Hampshire. She has shed her diplomatic stance and has started criticizing Trump openly.


Haley strongly responded to Trump’s remarks about her husband, emphasizing the significance of honoring all veterans. She firmly stated, “When Donald Trump attacks one veteran, he’s attacking all of them. If he fails to grasp the sacrifices made by our soldiers and veterans for this country, he is unworthy of being the commander in chief.”

It is a weighty accusation for a Republican primary challenger to assert that Trump is not suitable for the role of commander in chief. This, along with her tweets regarding Trump and Putin, raises concerns about whether she can ever reconcile with the Republican party, limited as it may be.

There has been a lot of discussion in “Never Trump” circles about why Haley continues to pursue a seemingly impossible campaign for the Republican nomination.

Many Never Trump conservatives have a lingering sense of impending doom despite acknowledging that Nikki Haley’s presence has had a positive impact. They fear that her eventual endorsement of Trump could overshadow all the good work she has done.

Haley, just like all of Trump’s primary opponents, has made a commitment to support the Republican nominee.

Trump’s statement about Haley supporters being “permanently barred from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them,” could potentially give Haley the freedom to act independently.

After launching a series of attacks, including her recent remarks about Trump and Putin, Haley must surely recognize that she has crossed a line. It is highly likely that she will face consequences within the Trump administration, and her future in conservative politics or the Republican Party may be in jeopardy.

Attacking Trump (and Putin) poses a significant risk in today’s Republican Party. Though the consequences for criticizing Trump in the U.S.A. are less severe compared to criticizing Putin in Russia, Haley’s political career is undeniably at stake.

Not everyone has come to terms with the reality that the Republican Party has evolved beyond Ronald Reagan’s era. In a tweet filled with good intentions, former Vice President Mike Pence asserted, “The Republican Party does not tolerate apologists for Putin.” However, this sentiment may be overly optimistic.

Are politicians who adhere to traditional Reaganite views on foreign policy being ousted from the party? Or is it only the politicians who have no future in the party that feel emboldened enough to speak out in defense of Ukraine and criticize Trump’s affinity for Putin? It’s unclear whether this is a chicken or the egg scenario, but the implications are significant.

Haley’s actions are significant because she is taking a stand and doing what is morally right. It may not necessarily contribute to her success in securing the Republican nomination or sway any Trump supporters. However, her unwavering commitment and moral clarity make her a symbol of hope for countless Americans.

Let’s hope she doesn’t crush that hope by endorsing the wrong person.

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