Nikki Haley Mocks Trump’s ‘temper Tantrum’ Following He Won New Hampshire

Aiexpress – Nikki Haley, the GOP presidential candidate and runner-up in New Hampshire’s primary, strongly criticized former President Donald Trump on Wednesday. She argued that his anger towards her performance was a clear reflection of his own insecurity regarding her strength in the Republican nominating contest.

Trump easily won the New Hampshire race on Tuesday, strengthening his campaign for the Republican nomination and causing other GOP members to rush to endorse him. However, Haley performed better than some polls had predicted, and she has committed to staying in the competition. This choice sparked anger and outrage from Trump.

“So when we went out there, we did our thing and expressed our views, while Donald Trump, on the other hand, had a complete meltdown. He threw a temper tantrum and acted in a very immature manner,” Haley shared with her supporters in South Carolina, where the next significant contest in the GOP primary is set to take place. “His behavior was very insulting and typical of his usual antics.”

“I’m aware that’s his go-to reaction when he feels insecure, and I also know it’s his way of dealing with threats,” she elaborated. “And frankly, he should feel threatened, no doubt about it.”

Haley’s campaign has consistently criticized Trump for his mental competency and the perceived chaos that characterized his time in the White House. Earlier today, her spokesperson emphasized that voters have a clear choice between two contrasting visions: either “Make America Unhinged Again” or “Make America Normal Again.”


Wednesday saw Trump’s anger still lingering.

In a recent statement on Truth Social, the former president criticized Haley’s candidacy, describing it as “demeaning to True American Patriots” and claiming that she would be detrimental to the Republican Party. He further declared his intention to exclude individuals who donated to Haley’s campaign from his Make America Great Again movement. However, the specifics of how he intended to implement this action remain unclear.

“When I ran for office and emerged victorious, I observed a curious trend: the donors of the opposing candidate would promptly approach me, eager to extend their assistance. Such behavior is customary in the realm of politics, but I have chosen to deviate from this norm.”

Haley capitalized on Trump’s anger to present her own case for leadership and paint a picture of what a second term under Trump would entail.

“He didn’t mention the American people even once throughout his rant,” she observed. “Instead, his focus was solely on seeking revenge.”

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