Phil Murphy’s decision to send refugees out of New Jersey show Democrats’ hypocrisy on the border

The Post has obtained photographic evidence that Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey is a blatant hypocrite when it comes to prioritizing the welfare of his state, going against his own proclaimed “principles.”

Murphy criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to transport migrants from the border to blue states, stating that it is not the time for such tricks. Instead, he emphasized the importance of finding a broad and comprehensive solution to the ongoing issue.

However, when migrants arrive at his doorstep, Murphy is promptly sending them to New York City.

Photos have emerged showing police officers in New Jersey collecting migrants who were bused from Texas to Trenton and Secaucus. These officers then proceeded to guide the migrants onto NJ Transit trains, which would take them directly to New York City.

When the Greyhounds hit the road, Murphy is doing the same as Abbott.


President Biden should put an end to the practice of welcoming migrants at record rates as a holistic and all-encompassing solution.

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