Senator proposes tax exemption for compensation received in derailment cases

(AIEXPRESS) – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is urging his fellow lawmakers in Washington to swiftly pass a new bill that aims to offer tax breaks to individuals who received compensation from Norfolk Southern Railroad after the train derailment incident that occurred last February.

Residents in the East Palestine area have been provided with compensation checks from the railroad to cover their expenses for lodging, food, and other necessities following their displacement from their homes.

To alleviate any financial burden, Brown successfully included a provision in a comprehensive package that exempts these payments from being taxed.

“I made it a point to include this provision to ensure that residents of Columbiana County, specifically the East Palestine area, are not burdened with taxes on these ‘benefits’.

These payments are meant to compensate for the hardships endured, and it is only fair that they are not treated as taxable income. It’s a straightforward matter,” explained Brown.


According to Brown, there has been minimal opposition to his language, and he is optimistic that the tax break legislation will be swiftly approved by both the House and Senate.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved,” Brown expressed. “We need to remain committed to this cause and ensure that the entire package remains intact. I recently had a discussion with a councilwoman from East Palestine, emphasizing the importance of preserving these benefits and making sure that no one is burdened with additional taxes.”

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