Sheriff and DA criticize new California gun laws, saying they make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves

Yuba County Sheriff Wendell Anderson and District Attorney Clint Curry have voiced their concerns about Senate Bill 2 (SB 2) in a joint statement released today. They emphasize their dedication to safeguarding citizens’ rights while also questioning the effectiveness of the proposed legislation.

Sheriff Anderson and District Attorney Curry expressed their belief that the extensive expansion of ‘sensitive place’ provisions for concealed carry permit holders in SB 2 is in direct conflict with the United States Constitution. They assert that the Second Amendment will be violated by this expansion and anticipate that the courts will strike it down.

The officials have made a commitment to use common sense and discretion when enforcing the law, ensuring that the rights of citizens are not compromised during the legal challenges to SB 2. There are concerns surrounding the legislation’s emphasis on expanding the provisions for concealed carry permit holders in “sensitive places,” as it may potentially infringe upon Second Amendment rights.

“We understand the gravity of gun violence in our state and country, but SB 2 fails to tackle its underlying causes,” expressed the letter. “We are disappointed that the emphasis is placed on limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens instead of holding violent criminals responsible and addressing the mental health crisis in our nation.”

In their letter, Sheriff Anderson and District Attorney Curry highlighted the fact that individuals who hold concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits and abide by the law are not statistically associated with gun violence. They emphasized the importance of holding criminals accountable for their actions involving firearms and addressing the issue of mental health challenges.


According to the letter, SB 2 fails to address the problem of individuals who commit violent crimes and does not address the underlying mental health issues that drive mass murderers. Instead, it solely focuses on impeding the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Sheriff Anderson and District Attorney Curry are urging local businesses to show support for the right to self-defense of CCW holders. They are encouraging businesses to display the appropriate signage available on the Yuba County website. Both officials are advocating for a change in legislation that tackles the problem of gun violence effectively, with a focus on policies that prioritize saving lives.

The joint statement states that SB 2 will not be effective in reducing gun violence. The legislators and governor are urged to prioritize policy solutions that will truly make a difference and save lives, rather than engaging in political games concerning firearms.

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