Sutter County sheriff and district attorney oppose recent gun laws in the state

Yuba City is the setting for a potential legal battle as the county sheriff and district attorney take a stand to protect their constituents’ constitutional rights, even if it means going against state law.

Sutter County District Attorney Jennifer Dupre and Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes have made it clear that they refuse to enforce a recently implemented state law that prohibits individuals with concealed weapon permits from carrying firearms in most public spaces.

According to Dupre, the law raises numerous unanswered questions and potential unforeseen consequences.

The law they are talking about is Senate Bill 2.

“We haven’t received any guidance,” Dupre expressed. “First, it was put into effect, then it was halted, and now the injunction has been lifted. So, to some extent, we are all uncertain and uncertain about what to do.”


How can one possibly avoid complying with a new law?

Dupre explained that his office was frequently asked whether there would be blanket prosecution in every single case. However, he clarified that they would never pursue such an approach.

Just days after a federal district judge initially blocked the law from taking effect, a federal appeals court swiftly reversed the decision in the midst of ongoing litigation.

According to Dupre, it is quite uncommon for a court to lift an injunction so swiftly and have another court take over the decision.

Marysville resident Henry Chimes, who owns union guns and gear, agrees with the move, as do some other Sutter County residents.

According to him, the majority of the residents in this area strongly support the Second Amendment and uphold their right to possess and carry firearms in a lawful manner.

Chimes also shared concerns about the lack of clarity between federal and state laws.

“It’s becoming increasingly perplexing. There are individuals who express dissatisfaction with it, and this is bound to pose a challenge,” he remarked.

The original bill was written by State Senator Anthony Portantino.

“We’re not living in the Wild West here in California, even though we’re on the West Coast. It’s important to approach these conversations with a sense of sanity,” emphasized Portantino.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has previously stated that the intention behind the legislation is to focus on individuals engaged in illegal activities, rather than law-abiding gun owners.

According to Dupre, it is the law-abiding individuals who end up getting hurt in the process.

She mentioned that someone had asked her about the number of cases involving individuals with CCWs, and although she had only been in office for a year, there had been no such cases.

The injunction against the state’s law was temporarily put on hold by a federal appeals court, although there remains the possibility of a legal challenge that could ultimately overturn the law.

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