Teacher Laughs as She Reveals the New Middle School Slang Words for All of Us Clueless Adults

Back in the day, our parents used to struggle with understanding texting lingo. Phrases like “G2G” and “LMAO” left them scratching their heads. It’s funny how the tables have turned, and now we find ourselves in the same position as parents. The slang used by middle schoolers today can be just as confusing as it was for our parents. Recently, Philip Lindsay, a middle school teacher from Payson, Arizona, became an internet sensation by sharing all the slang secrets he has learned from his students.

Lindsay’s video became extremely popular in October, but it has recently resurfaced and gained even more attention.


I am proud to say I knew 23/24. I have no clue what #fanumtax is and I don’t think they to either! Someone help a brother out? Also quick PSA: #gyat does not mean Get Your Act Together…. #genalpha #slang #genz #middleschoolslang #teach #teachersoftiktok #teacherfyp #fyp

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It seems like many middle schoolers are spending time with their older relatives during this time of year. However, their older relatives may not be familiar with terms like “rizzler” or the concept of “leaving no crumbs.”

Understanding the slang and jargon used by millennials can be quite challenging for us. However, Lindsay has managed to break it down in a way that parents can grasp what their kids are saying.


As the Special Education teacher explained, he hears the good, the bad, and the ugly in his classroom.

In just one week, he made a comprehensive list of all the slang words he heard his middle school students using and created an amazing video to share it with others.

As a teacher, it is important to stay updated with middle school slang. According to one educator, understanding the language used by students is crucial in order to identify any inappropriate behavior. He emphasized the significance of being aware of their conversations to ensure a safe and appropriate learning environment.

But even to him it seems like things are getting “a little out of hand.”


Replying to @BexBG i never thought I would say #gyat so many times in a row. 😂 Don’t let the #middleschoolers and #highschoolers troll you! #middleschoolslang #genalpha #genz #slang #teach #teachersoftiktok #teacherfyp #fyp #gyatt

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He doesn’t even understand some slang words.

There are several popular phrases that have gained traction in recent times. These include expressions like “on god,” “she ate that,” “left no crumbs,” and “rizz.”

Regardless of what your child may claim, it is important to note that the acronym “GYAT” does not stand for “Get Your Act Together.”

At the end of his video, the teacher joked, “I am proud to say I knew 23 out of 24. I have no clue what Fanum tax is, and I don’t think they do either!”

People in the comments section were cracking up.

It has been noted by many individuals that the majority of these phrases are actually part of AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and have been in use for a significant period of time, even before 2023. This is indeed accurate! However, it is still advantageous to be aware of the precise meanings behind these expressions, particularly when your children believe that you may not grasp their intended message.

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