Roasting Ensues as Big Ten College Football Program Delivers Pathetic Performance in Bowl Game

The Iowa Hawkeyes had a challenging season this year, facing setbacks such as injuries to their starting quarterback, top two tight ends, and top playmaker Cooper DeJean. Despite these obstacles, they managed to make it to the Big Ten Championship game as representatives of the West division.

Iowa always appeared to have a shot at victory against any opponent they faced, but that hope quickly faded when they faced ranked teams. In fact, they were completely shut out, with a combined score of 57-0, in their games against Michigan and Penn State, both of whom were ranked.

The Iowa Hawkeye program is facing criticism from the internet after suffering a 35-0 shutout in the Cheez-it Citrus Bowl against No. 21 Tennessee. The trend of disappointment seems to be continuing for the team.

Ranked teams have been a challenge for them not only in their last two games but also in the past.

The era of Brian Ferentz has come to an end in Iowa City, despite his ability to produce astonishing statistics like the following:


The Hawkeyes’ final drive log of the season is one that fans will likely remember for a long time. It is rare to witness such an anemic performance from a Big Ten offense.

Their offensive struggles are quite evident when you consider the fact that they have accumulated more punting yards than offensive yards this season. In fact, their punting game has outperformed their offense by over 1,000 yards.

The anticipation builds as we eagerly await the announcement of who Iowa will choose to lead their offense.

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