Trump holds slim lead over Biden in Georgia with just over 50% support

Laura Ingraham, the renowned Fox News host, provides a comprehensive analysis of the recent “major polling dyspepsia for liberals today.” This revelation comes following a poll that indicates former President Trump’s lead over President Biden in seven crucial swing states.

In Georgia, a state where President Biden won by a narrow margin of less than 1 point in 2020, Former President Donald Trump currently holds a lead with just over 50% support.

According to a recent survey conducted by Fox News, it has been found that Georgia registered voters have expressed their views on a particular matter.

According to a recent poll, 51% of voters in the Peach State would support Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head rematch, while 43% would choose Biden. This gives Trump an 8-point lead over Biden, which is beyond the margin of sampling error.

According to a recent poll conducted by Fox News, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are tied in a head-to-head matchup in Wisconsin.


According to a recent survey, a significant majority of Georgians (78%) have expressed a high level of interest in the race. Interestingly, the voting preferences within this group are evenly split, with 52% supporting Trump and 43% favoring Biden.

The Black Conservative Federation believes that the Republican Party, along with President Trump, has the ability to revive the “American Dream” within the black community.

Trump’s base, which includes White evangelicals (85%), conservatives (76%), White voters without a college degree (74%), and rural voters (67%), provides him with robust support. On the other hand, Biden garners strong backing from liberals (87%), Black voters (71%), voters with a college degree (52%), and suburban women (52%).

Both Democrats and Republicans show equal support for their respective candidates, with 91% of both parties backing their chosen candidate. However, independent voters lean towards Trump, with a 20-point lead of 51% to 31%. Additionally, Trump benefits from the fact that a larger percentage of Republicans (83%) are interested in the election compared to Democrats (78%).

Younger voters are giving Biden a hard time as they are favoring Trump by a margin of 7 points.

According to a recent survey, 60% of respondents believe that Biden was legitimately elected in 2020. However, interestingly, out of this group, 22% would still vote for Trump if he were to run again in 2024. On the other hand, approximately 32% of the participants have doubts about Biden’s victory, and an overwhelming majority of 97% from this subgroup would support Trump.

According to Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll alongside Democrat Chris Anderson, it is somewhat surprising that Trump’s strength in this poll remains high considering the Democrats’ victories in major U.S. Senate races in 2020 and 2022. Shaw suggests that while we can acknowledge that “anything can happen,” Biden may want to consider redirecting his focus and resources away from Georgia and towards other potential battleground states like North Carolina.

In a hypothetical five-way competition, Trump remains the frontrunner, although both the ex-president and the current officeholder experience a decline in popularity due to the presence of third-party contenders. Trump secures 45% of the support, while Biden’s numbers decrease to 37%. The remaining candidates collectively receive 12% of the support, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. garnering 8% of the votes, Cornel West receiving 3%, and Jill Stein obtaining 1%.

The survey conducted a test on a hypothetical five-way race, replacing Trump with Nikki Haley. Interestingly, in this scenario, third-party candidates play a role in benefiting Biden and hindering Haley. As a result, Biden emerges as the frontrunner with 35% support among Georgians, leading Haley who secures 29% support. Kennedy follows with 18% support, while West and Stein receive 3% and 1% support, respectively.

In this scenario, where do Trump supporters go? Only 46% would support Haley, while 31% would opt for a third-party candidate. Surprisingly, 6% would choose not to vote at all, and 13% are still undecided. It is worth noting that Haley receives majority support among registered Republicans, with 52% backing her. However, this falls far short of the overwhelming 83% support that Trump enjoys in his five-way race.

When it comes to Haley, independents are divided. While 20% of them support her, 22% would choose Biden, and a larger portion, 30%, would go for Kennedy. In comparison, Trump receives 34% support among independent Georgia voters, with 21% backing Biden and 17% supporting Kennedy.

In Georgia, just like the rest of the country, the economy remains the most pressing concern. A significant 44% of the population feels that they are falling behind financially, while 43% believe they are holding steady, and a fortunate 12% claim to be getting ahead.

When voters were asked about the key factor influencing their vote in the upcoming November elections, a significant 62% emphasized that the economy holds utmost importance. Following closely behind are concerns about election integrity (53%), healthcare (51%), and immigration/border security (46%). The issue of abortion garnered a notable 40% of responses, while all other topics received less than 30% support. These include the Israel-Hamas war (28%), climate change (27%), and the Ukraine-Russia war (23%).

According to the Georgia voters, Trump is considered more trustworthy than Biden on various issues. A majority of voters believe that Trump is better equipped to handle immigration and border security, with a significant margin of +21. Additionally, Trump is preferred over Biden when it comes to handling the economy (+18), the Israel-Hamas conflict (+15), and the Ukraine-Russia situation (+11). However, opinions are divided when it comes to healthcare, with a slight advantage of +2 in favor of Trump. Similarly, Trump is trusted slightly more than Biden in terms of election integrity (+1). The only issue where Biden takes the lead is climate change, with a margin of +5 in his favor.

Former Biden Rival Claims Trump Would Win Today’s Election, Accuses DNC of Suppressing Democracy

“The coalition that propelled Biden to a narrow victory in 2020 is in need of rebuilding, and this task may prove more challenging this time,” explains Anderson. “When it comes to the critical matters of the border and the economy, Georgia voters perceive Trump as being considerably more competent. Biden will have to make significant progress on these fronts in order to secure Georgia’s support once again.”

Concerns over the mental acuity of the presidential candidates have become a prominent topic. A larger percentage of voters (65%) express significant concerns about Biden’s mental soundness compared to Trump’s (51%).

In Georgia, Biden’s job ratings align with his national ratings as they both fall below par. Currently, 41% of people approve of his performance, while 58% express disapproval.

Georgia voters are craving change, and they want a lot of it. Almost 8 out of 10 voters desire significant alterations to how the country is governed, with half of them seeking a substantial change and nearly a third yearning for radical transformation. On the other hand, only 2 out of 10 voters believe that a little change would suffice, while a mere 3% feel that no change is necessary. It is evident that the majority of Georgia voters are seeking a departure from the status quo.

Among those who desire significant change, Trump emerges as the favored candidate, whereas Biden secures victory among the remaining population.

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