Urgent Appeals for Voter Mobilization and Legal Oversight

2024 Election Preparations: Urgent Calls for Mobilization and Legal Scrutiny

The 2024 Election season is reaching crucial stages. It’s worth mentioning that the deadline for voter registration for the March primaries is February 5, 2024. Early voting will commence on February 20th and conclude on March 1st, with election day scheduled for March 5, 2024.

Our ongoing mission to empower marginalized communities is gaining momentum. It is crucial that we redouble our efforts to reach out to those who have been formerly incarcerated, as many of them may not be aware that their voting rights are reinstated once they have completed their parole, probation, or any other form of supervision.

We must continue to prioritize our efforts to offer greater support to the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those facing language barriers. This will help with voter turnout in the following ways.

We are currently awaiting the outcome of final arguments in the case of SB1, also known as Texas’s Voter Suppression bill. Two provisions of the bill, specifically those concerning mail-in applications and ballots, have already been deemed unconstitutional by a Federal District Court. The remaining provisions have been challenged in a trial that took place in September 2023.

The County Elections office is currently accepting applications for various election positions, including Election judges, Alternate Elections judges, and Election Clerks. Citizens have the opportunity to actively participate in the election processes by applying for these roles. To apply or obtain more information, please contact the County Elections office at (210) 335 – 9632. Please note that these positions require attendance and certification, and compensation is available for eligible individuals.


In order to make a difference, we need to be ready to take action and actively contribute to bringing about change.

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