Van Jones: Supreme Court Engaging in a Dangerous Standoff with Trump

According to CNN analyst Van Jones, former President Trump is engaging in a high-stakes standoff with the Supreme Court and other federal entities regarding his ballot case and other legal disputes. Jones describes this situation as a “game of chicken,” suggesting that Trump is pushing the limits and testing the boundaries of the judicial system.

“It’s absolutely surreal to witness the system relentlessly accommodating his dangerous game,” Jones passionately expressed during a CNN interview. “He’s engaging in a reckless game of chicken, and it’s disheartening to see even the Supreme Court swerving to avoid a collision.”

The Supreme Court listened to oral arguments on Thursday in the case that aims to exclude Trump from the ballot in Colorado due to his involvement in the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021. According to the lawsuit, Trump should be disqualified based on the Insurrection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

During the two-hour argument, the justices displayed hesitance towards disqualifying Trump. Rather than directly addressing whether Trump’s actions violated the amendment, they explored alternative avenues to challenge the arguments presented.

According to Jones, the arguments put forth on Thursday demonstrated that “Trump had a skilled lawyer.” He expressed his belief that the hesitation displayed by the Supreme Court indicated a predetermined outcome, which he finds “likely very frustrating for many individuals.”


Doug Jones, a former Democratic senator, criticized the Supreme Court, highlighting their tendency to strip away rights from women, eliminate diversity programs for college students, and suppress voting rights. He emphasized the Court’s strength in these areas but pointed out their reluctance to address the issue of disenfranchisement, suggesting that they are now seeking ways to avoid taking action against those who disenfranchise others.

“They may try to come up with an excuse to justify their actions, but in this case, they were clearly attempting to avoid doing what any reasonable person would consider the right thing,” Jones expressed.

In his argument, he claimed that had former President Obama rejected the outcome of the presidential election and deployed 10,000 Black Lives Matter activists to prevent Congress from certifying the results, he would have faced imprisonment.

The Supreme Court is expediting the timeline for hearing Trump’s ballot case, potentially leading to a decision in a matter of weeks.

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