Alabama Seeks to Eliminate Youthful Offender Status for Specific Youth Offenders in the State

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Alabama – On February 8, 2024, Alabama Representative Phillip Pettus (R) brought forth House Bill 157 (HB157) in a regular state session addressing the issue of youthful offender status.

According to Legiscan, Rep. Pettus is proposing a modification to Section 15-19-1 of the Code of Alabama 1975. The amendment seeks to prevent Alabama judges from granting youthful offender status to individuals aged 16 or above who have been charged with murder.

The official bill declares:

Under existing Alabama law, a person charged with a crime that is committed while he or she is under 19 years of age may be tried as a youthful offender. This bill would prohibit a judge from granting youthful offender status to a person who is 16 years of age or older and charged with murder.

The bill is currently awaiting approval from the House judiciary as of February 8, 2024. Pettus is advocating for the law to go into effect in Alabama starting from October 1, 2024.


Rep. Pettus has introduced four separate bills to Alabama House members as of 2024.

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