Carnival Cruise Ship Comes to the Rescue of 2 Men Whose Boat Sank in the Gulf of Mexico

ai express – A Carnival cruise ship embarked from Galveston last week and successfully rescued two men whose boat had sunk in the Gulf of Mexico.

After their boat sank, the men resorted to using a kayak to keep themselves afloat.

Carnival Jubilee’s team successfully rescued the men off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, as stated by the cruise line.

The crew noticed two individuals in a kayak and invited them onto the vessel. Upon their arrival, medical personnel assessed their condition, provided necessary medical assistance, and offered them food. Finally, the crew safely transported them back to the shore.

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The photos captured during Carnival reveal the heroic efforts of the Jubilee crew as they safely rescued the men.

The Carnival Jubilee cruise ship maintained its regular itinerary, as confirmed by the cruise line.

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