Charges Filed Against More Than 12 People in Extensive NYSP Narcotics Operation

Late last week, law enforcement agencies, including the New York State Police, carried out a series of successful raids on several properties spanning from Orange County to The Bronx. As a result of these operations, over a dozen suspects were apprehended, and a significant quantity of illicit drugs and illegal firearms were confiscated.

Investigation and Warrants Executed Across New York

The New York State Police executed a large-scale operation that required a significant amount of police force to ensure its success. Working in collaboration with the Violent Gang Narcotics Enforcement Team (VGNET), the Community Stabilization Unit (CSU), and the Orange County District Attorney’s office, State Police Troop F dedicated two and a half months of strategic planning before taking action on December 7, 2023, as stated in the press release.

Law enforcement officials carried out a total of 11 search warrants at homes in various locations, including The Bronx, Warwick, Chester, and Mamakating. During the operation, they successfully confiscated…

…over 2 Kilograms of Cocaine, approximately 17 pounds of Cannabis, fentanyl pills, United States Currency, and eight illegal firearms.

The New York State Police recently made a significant bust, as shown in the image above.

Law enforcement not only seized a significant quantity of narcotics and weapons but also managed to apprehend and file charges against a total of 14 individuals. These individuals face a range of both felony and misdemeanor charges.


The New York State Police have successfully busted a criminal operation, as depicted in the image above.

Arrested Individuals and Where They’re From

The majority of the arrests were made in Chester, with 7 out of the 14 suspects apprehended hailing from this area.

The following individuals have been identified:

    • James Baltimore (36)
    • Antonio Bucci (28)
    • Christopher Bucci (58)
    • Michael Curtis (32)
    • Jennifer Curtis (31)
    • Klerisa Peterson (30)
    • Justin Peterson (29).

Old abandoned prison/jail in Illinois, USA.

Warwick police have arrested and charged Anthony Bucci Jr (62) and David Rinaldi (31). Additionally, a single arrest was made in Mamakating, involving 30-year-old Markaj Narcj.

Law enforcement officials in the Bronx apprehended the remaining four suspects. The arrests took place after authorities arrived at the location.

    • Tyler Zaborski (26)
    • Lestor Zaborski Jr (50)
    • Marcus Hicks (28)
    • Dominick Deluccia (48).

List of Charges and Who’s Hit the Hardest

Four out of the 14 arrests have resulted in the most severe charges. James Baltimore, Antonio Bucci, Tyler Zaborski, and Lestor Zaborski Jr. are the individuals facing both first and second-degree charges for Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance, and Conspiracy. Following their arraignment, all four have been remanded to the Orange County Jail.

The image above depicts a prison interior with jail cells and shadows against a dark background. The 3D illustration captures the atmosphere and essence of being inside a prison.

Ten additional suspects have been arrested and are facing similar charges, although not as severe as the previous four individuals. Following their arraignment in court, both Christopher Bucci and Michael Curtis were released on their own recognizance.

Jennifer Curtis, Anthony Bucci Jr, Klerisa Peterson, Justin Peterson, Marcus Hicks, Dominick Deluccia, Markaj Narkaj, and David Rinaldi have all been released with tickets to appear in court again at a later date. The press release from the New York State Police provides a detailed list of each suspect’s individual charges.

A lawyer and judge are engaged in conversation while the criminal stands beside them, restrained by handcuffs.

The press release emphasizes that the case is presently ongoing and being investigated. Law enforcement further suggests that additional charges and arrests are anticipated as the investigation progresses.

As new information becomes available, we will keep updating this story.

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