Sheriff detectives seize $20,000 and gun in drug bust at secured Paterson apartment

An investigation led by Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik resulted in the arrest of three individuals, the seizure of $20,000 in cash, a handgun, and drugs worth $15,000 from a house suspected of being used for drug dealing.

Mathew R. McBryde Jr., 26, from Paterson, Jensi L. Ortega, 18, from Passaic City, and Carl M. Porto, 45, from Rockleigh were charged by detectives.

McBryde and Ortega allegedly utilized the second floor of 168 Knickerbocker Avenue as a storage location for their drugs. The drugs were being unloaded from a silver Hyundai and a black BMW.

In November, the investigation was initiated by detectives who then proceeded to establish surveillance at the location on Tuesday.

Detectives observed McBryde allegedly selling cocaine to Porto, who was subsequently stopped and found in possession of 4 grams of cocaine that he had allegedly purchased from McBryde.


During the investigation, law enforcement officers conducted a traffic stop on a BMW vehicle. Upon searching the vehicle, detectives discovered 15 ounces of marijuana, 2 oxycodone pills, and $1,842 in cash. In addition to the BMW, a Hyundai was also pulled over, resulting in the seizure of 19 grams of raw cocaine, 45 ecstasy pills, 10 oxycodone pills, 15 ounces of marijuana, and $150 in cash.

Detectives arrived at McBryde’s residence on the second floor of 168 Knickerbocker Avenue to execute a warrant. Upon entering, they encountered a hostile dog guarding the premises. The dog displayed aggressive behavior towards the officers.

The dog was safely confined and kept in the bathroom, ensuring its well-being, as confirmed by the authorities. During the operation, a significant amount of contraband was confiscated from the apartment, including 5 ounces of raw cocaine, 93 oxycodone pills, 30 Suboxone folds, a loaded handgun with 7 bullets, various drug paraphernalia, and a sum of $20,783 in cash.

The sheriff mentioned that the drugs confiscated have an estimated street value of $15,000.

The detectives confiscated the money, drugs, and both vehicles.

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