DeSantis Suggests Banning Sidewalks in Florida to Promote Car Culture: A Satirical Take

Disclaimer: The following article is a humorous piece and should not be interpreted as real news.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made an extraordinary announcement that has caught the attention of pedestrians and car enthusiasts alike. He has proposed a daring initiative called “The Florida Pedestrian Relocation Act,” which involves the elimination of sidewalks throughout the state to create additional lanes for cars. This controversial bill aims to reshape urban environments in Florida by giving priority to motor vehicles over foot traffic.

The proposed legislation aims to convert existing sidewalks into additional lanes for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. According to a statement released by the Governor’s office, this measure is intended to address traffic congestion, stimulate the economy through increased fuel sales, and create a “pedestrian-free paradise for motorists” in Florida. As a result, miles of sidewalks will be uprooted under this plan.

Critics have wasted no time highlighting the possible drawbacks of the plan. Environmental organizations have expressed their concerns, emphasizing the potential increase in pollution and the negative impact on walkable city areas. Pedestrian advocacy groups have taken action, organizing protests to voice their opposition. One leader of these groups went as far as saying, “If this plan is implemented, we might as well change the state slogan to ‘The Drive-Through State’.”

During a press conference, Governor DeSantis made a resolute statement, refusing to be swayed by the opposition. He confidently stated, “Florida is renowned for its picturesque roads and bridges, so why limit ourselves to walking? It’s time to prioritize what truly defines our great state: automobiles.”


Local business owners along the state’s renowned avenues are preparing themselves for the upcoming challenges. A café owner in Miami expressed his concern, saying, “I suppose we’ll have to replace our sidewalk tables with drive-thru windows.”

The bill has taken an unexpected turn by including funding for a new state department that aims to teach former pedestrians the skill of hitchhiking. This initiative is aimed at ensuring that no Floridian is left stranded on what used to be a sidewalk.

With the ongoing debate, the entire nation eagerly awaits to see if Florida will truly embark on a new era without sidewalks.

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