Former Democratic National Committee chair criticizes Fani Willis’ decision-making as a prosecutor

A former chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) criticized Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) for what he deemed as her poor judgement as a prosecutor due to her alleged relationship with the lead prosecutor handling former President Trump’s criminal case in Georgia.

Donna Brazile, in an interview with The New York Times, expressed her opinion on the actions of Willis, stating, “I can’t pass judgment on her as a person, but I can say that in her capacity as a public prosecutor, she displayed poor judgment.”

Donna Brazile emphasized the importance of maintaining a clear boundary between her personal life and professional life. She acknowledged that Kim Willis, being a woman of color, encountered a significant amount of criticism and racial prejudice. However, Brazile also acknowledged that such public scrutiny is to be anticipated when bringing charges against a former president in a widely publicized case.

“She is facing intense public scrutiny because she holds a public position,” Brazile remarked, noting that this is a natural part of being a public official.”

Willis, who filed charges against Trump and 18 others in an election interference case last year, has faced significant scrutiny regarding her alleged romantic involvement with the lead prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia criminal case. In court documents, she admitted to having a “personal relationship” with special prosecutor Nathan Wade earlier this month.


The alleged relationship’s revelation might have an impact on Trump’s criminal case in Georgia. Trump has already criticized the case and Willis, labeling them as “severely compromised.” Judge Scott McAfee, who is presiding over the election interference case, commented that Willis’s relationship with a potential witness could potentially lead to her disqualification.

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday to address the allegations made by Trump and some of his co-defendants regarding Willis’s relationship, which they claim creates a conflict of interest.

Fulton County prosecutors contend that the defendants are raising these claims in order to attract media attention.

In a recent proceeding, special prosecutor Anna Cross expressed her view that the defense was not presenting new facts or legal arguments. Instead, she asserted that the defense was relying on unsubstantiated gossip.

I have contacted Willis’s office for comment, The Hill has learned.

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