Texas has transported 102K migrants to sanctuary cities since 2022

Texas has transported over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities, including more than 37,500 to New York City. Republican Governor Greg Abbott disclosed this information on Monday, citing the Biden administration’s inability to secure the southern border as the reason behind this action.

In April 2022, the Texas governor initiated a program to transport migrants, aiming to distribute the challenges faced by the Lone Star State among blue states. This move was in response to the surge of illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers crossing the border since President Biden assumed office.

In a tweet, Abbott revealed that Texas had transported more than 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities. He expressed concern that overwhelmed border towns in Texas should not have to bear the consequences of Biden’s open border policies.

NYC migrant pickpocketing teams have become a major concern for the NYPD, as a group of three individuals was recently apprehended for a series of thefts at bars in the West Village.

“The governor issued a stern warning, stating that our transportation mission will persist until Biden is able to successfully secure the border.”


The majority of migrants relocated from Texas have been sent to New York City and Chicago.

Migrant parents and their baby were saved from near-drowning at Eagle Pass on the US-Mexico border, according to sources.

According to the governor’s office, since August 2022, the Big Apple has welcomed over 37,500 migrants, while the Windy City has received more than 31,200 during the same period.

Since May 18, Denver has sent over 16,000 migrants, while Washington, D.C. has directed more than 12,500 migrants since April 2022.

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Philadelphia and Los Angeles have seen the arrival of the fewest number of migrants, with over 3,400 and 1,500 respectively.

The number of migrants that have been bused out under Operation Lone Star, a state border security and burden-sharing effort launched by Abbott in 2021, has increased by approximately 7,000 since the state’s last update.

The governor made a bold statement last week, asserting that Texas has the right to self-defense, which he believes is more important than any federal laws that may contradict it. This proclamation comes in the midst of a heated dispute between the governor and the Biden administration over his attempts to curb the influx of illegal immigration.

As part of Operation Lone Star, the state of Texas has recently installed razor wire along a 30-mile stretch of land near the US-Mexico border in Eagle Pass. However, the US Supreme Court has ruled that this wire could be removed by the Biden administration.

The Justice Department has also issued a threat to Texas, stating that they will take legal action if the state enforces a recently passed law. This law grants state authorities the power to arrest, jail, prosecute, and deport migrants who enter the country illegally. Additionally, the Justice Department has already filed a lawsuit against Texas in response to the state’s construction of a floating barrier in the Rio Grande.

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